May 2018 - Understanding Interiors
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May 2018

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A few pots to brighten up your life

To freshen up my ATMOSPHERE ○ OBJECTS  section here is a truly unique and original chandelier made of real cooking pots in various types and sizes from MINACCIOLO, from their OBJECTS collection actually :) . Along with their well known classic ENGLISH MOOD range they...

Always in style

For 20 years that I know them the collection of this very special family brand has shifted a lot but they are still playing around classics. Always with style and superb quality!! A photo selection includes Galimberti Nino  main range and a few very fresh pieces...

What is your number?

Endless customization and sense of humor are two major characteristics of VOLTAN brand, a quality family business since 1969. Special and very cute are letters and numbers which can be used as shelves, storage units, side tables and even chairs. You can play with colors...