April 2018 - Understanding Interiors
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April 2018

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У вас продаётся славянский шкаф?

With this I start publishing my favourite pieces of furniture from our partners. Today I am in the mood for classics. Chippendale inspiration wardrobe with Chinese hand-made gold leaf decorations. An amazing piece of art from SALDA. Available in multiple colors and patterns. В рубрике "атмосфера...


GET TO KNOW US ○ A person of remarkable dignity and excellent reputation Petros is in no way new to the industry. After getting his degree of Interior Architect in Rome in 1993, he’s been around steadily manifesting his multiple talents. Dependable, inventive, consistent he is...

Old stuff: keep or discard?

DESIGNER'S ADVICE ○   If you are planning to engage in a major renovation of an old house or apartment, one of the main questions usually is weather to replace everything or to keep some old belongings. And I am not talking here about limited budget, etc. I...


GET TO KNOW US ○ Hello. I am Galia Nazaryants. I am hosting UNDERSTANDING INTERIORS and an idea to unite under one roof creative individuals who happen to be my good friends. Why UNDERSTANDING INTERIORS? "Where U come in front of I" pretty much sums it up. You...


GET TO KNOW US ○ After running a successful yoga centre for multiple years Effie has refocused her activity towards more ingenious goals. Creation of sacred spaces is one of them. Special arrangement of furniture, color, music and other elements aids in raising the vibration of...